To place an order, contact David Ross. (028)31547 or (mobile) 086 1735134


Books on the bookstall:

Weather permitting you should expect to see us on the Square each Friday from late November until Christmas. W can help you stock up with inspirational Christmas gifts, books, Bibles (including children’s) and CD’s, all at very reasonable prices.  Please note we do not do mail order and we confine our sales to the western West Cork area and also to South Kerry. Outside of this area you can avail of an excellent service at The Christian Bookshop, Tuckey Street, CORK where the phone no is 021 4272073.

We always have free copies of “SELECT”, a monthly magazine of the latest from Christian publishing, packed with new titles great offers and good ideas. Anything listed can be ordered through Scriptura and will be supplied to you within about 8 days. Please note prices are in STG, but we endeavour to sell at the lowest price we can, for your benefit. Why not phone or email us and ask for a once-off copy of Select to be sent to you?               

Best Sellers at present:

  • The International Children’s Bible  (New Century Version) €10
  • The Message New Testament in contemporary language  €4.50
  • Dinner with a Perfect Stranger, by David Gregory  €5
  • The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren €8
  • The Life Application Study Bible  €14
  • The Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas €8
  • A large selection of Helen Steiner Rice mini books at €3 each.